K8S 十一月 20, 2022

K8s 中的 MySQL 频繁重启问题调查

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K8s 集群中部署了一个 MySQL 实例,使用过程中发现,由于配置了健康检查,健康检查频繁失败,导致容器被频繁重启,无法提供稳定的 MySQL 服务。

MySQL 日志中的相关报错信息如下:


BOOK 十月 30, 2022

《Istio in Action》书摘

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1.4.3 Meet Envoy proxy

  • Envoy gives us networking capabilities like retries, timeouts, circuit breaking, client-side load balancing, service discovery, security, and metrics-collection without any explicit language or framework dependencies.
  • The power...

BOOK 十月 23, 2022

《Kubernetes Patterns》书摘

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  • Local and distributed primitives


  • Another primitive very similar to labels is called annotations. Like labels, annotations are organized as a map, but they are intended for specifying nonsearchable metadata and for machine usage rather than...